Editing Services

I offer developmental editing to authors who need a little extra push. I am an encourager and I love to work on Christian fiction but am always willing to support a great project! I have patience and persistence, am willing to listen and compromise, can see “the big picture,” and get to know you and your voice first! Some of the things we’ll work on are focusing on the theme, characters, and the story line. I may even suggest rewrites to parts that don’t strengthen the overall story. I’ll make sure your characters stay true to themselves and aren’t driving a Model T during a wagon train to Oregon. I’m always available to help with the book synopsis, summary, and marketing blurbs. I’m your sounding board and your English teacher.
Developmental Editing: $20 per hour

If you are just looking to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, I’d be more than happy to make sure it measures up to the style you’re writing for. Most authors appreciate the Chicago Manual of Style, but occasionally the AP manual is needed. Either way, I’ve got you covered.
Copy Editing: $0.005 per word

I also offer fact checking and researching. After 30 years of playing on the internet, I am quite adept at finding information quickly. If needed, I will visit the local library to peruse books, magazines, microfiche and other media to find the answers you need.
Fact Checking: $10 per hour plus any expenses incurred
Research: $20 per hour plus any expenses incurred

Email me to set up a conference! I look forward to hearing about your project!