About Me

Belinda Forgy, EditorI fell into my passion for editing when my dear sister-in-law asked me to look over a book she was getting published. I, of course, couldn’t just proofread and let it go… oh no! I had to get all in her business and point out things most writers shouldn’t have to think about! Well, to my surprise, she wasn’t mad at me, but thrilled that I had such talent in seeing the big picture of the story. I didn’t admit it to myself at the time, but I loved “editing” the book!

I’ve tried writing my own book. I’ve started and stopped writing many, many times over the years. And while I can say it all perfectly in my own thoughts, I cannot manage to get the words on paper to make a lick of sense! So… imagine my delight in finding out that my dream of being a writer is really a dream of helping writers!

Not long after helping my sister-in-law, my daughter-in-law announced that she had been working on a book of her own and wanted to know if I would look at it. Well, of course, I would! And I did! And she hired me as her editor. And her book is doing so wonderful! And I’m so proud of her. And this is the very first time I’ve written a whole paragraph of sentences beginning with ‘and’.

So, long story short, God opened my eyes to the talent He truly gave me and I’m beginning this journey in faith that He will bless my endeavor from start to finish. My dream is to ride off into the sunset of my golden years following my passion and helping writers turn their great stories into awesome published works!